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I started developing my site at the beginning of this year and the process has been a long journey. It took me more than six months to develop all the necessary sections of the site and upload so many photos that the visitor would not be bored.

What are my future plans? First of all, I plan to increase the number of photographs of animal plants several times. There is a large array of pictures on my hard drive, which I have either never posted anywhere before or have not published on this site. In the longer term, I plan to add new sections to the site, for example a blog. Over the years of my passion for photography, I have accumulated a lot of experience using photographic equipment and I want to share this experience with a wide audience. I also want to develop a section of the site, which will contain audio tracks made in various wild places of the planet. I also plan to write notes on various types of animals and plants.

In general, the plans for the development of this site are extensive and I hope it will be useful for wildlife photographers and naturalists.

Mikhail M. Omelko


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My name is Mikhail Omelko, I am the developer and author of this site, living in Vladivostok (Russia). I have been doing wildlife photography, mainly macro photography, for over 20 years.

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This website is being developed only by my efforts and is not supported by any foundation. If you find the information here useful and interesting, I would be grateful for any donation. All money will be spent on the further development of the site.

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